Obi Chan Shinobi san!

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Just for anybody interested in the health side of things I've mentioned before in this blog, Snoz was x-rayed along with her spay on Tuesday and has absolutely no luxating patella! I asked the vet why she skips her hind leg such a lot and apparently it is due to small dogs sometimes having high grooves in their knees which can grind a little bit ut shouldn't cause a there ya go! Not the diagnosis I was expecting but a good one!

Cool Snoz is cool

Snoz builds herself little forts everywhere. I think we'll take her camping this year

Her favourite fort is curled up behind the sofa throw; she chewed a little window so she can make sure we're not eating cheese without her!

 Lots of off lead beach adventures

Famous Shiba side-eye

Re-captured once the sun went down!

Shedding her coat and being pampered

Meeting her new human cousin

Snoz was a little uncertain of what to make of baby crying!

Looking like a guber

Baby hiking

She loves to watch skipping stones

Had to wrestle a dead starfish off her - eeeww!

Taking a (reluctant) dip in a rockpool to get treats

Friday, March 7, 2014

Silly pup

Snoz has been very silly recently

Stealing treats from my pocket and getting a sandy nose. 
Face shows no remorse

This is how Snoz has taken to sleeping in the evenings...

In this photo Snoz pulled me down a muddy hill! I don't know how to feel about the fact that a 20 ibs dog is stronger than me...

Seaweed displaced by the storms

Always trying to annoy the big elderly dogs...

So fast! (Except next to a Jack Russel which makes her look super slow and dumpy)

Shinobi's new bff, my friends little doggy