Obi Chan Shinobi san!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Ferryboat Inn

Snoz was sleepy today so we took it pretty easy. Looking for the illusive Grebe Beach we found The Ferryboat Inn instead (where are you Grebe Beach? Did I dream you?) Unfortunately the beach that the Inn backs onto is not dog friendly from Easter day through to October, so we walked along the cliffs instead until we finally found one where Snoz could have a paddle.

What's that fallen sign, straight ahead you say?

Errr...end of the line folks...

The culprit? A really dead tree. 
So long footpath, can't help but feel slightly nervous walking unstable coast paths.

Either we're being haunted by a little black line ghost or there's something stuck in my camera lens.

Contemplating whether it's worth getting wet to catch a seagull

Still uncertain

She sticks with her ball instead.
(For some reason this photo is reminding me of Pulp Fiction)

I think this must be Snoz's fat angle. Less cheese for you Snoz!

Splat! Sleep Snoz

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lost in Lovely Lamorna

Today we got hopelessly lost on a hike and ended up walking 'the long cliffy climby' way round twice. I say walk, Snoz ran the whole way back! She was trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to catch flies (and bees eep) in her mouth the whole way around, extending her 3 metre flexi lead as far as it could go, all I could see was a little bouncy flash of white Shiba butt and hear snap snap snappy noises ahead.

Unfortunately, she's still skipping and hopping her back right leg, the vet recently tried to luxate her patella and said it felt strong, so I guess it's slipping in and out but not too badly (yet). I hope it's just a growing pain issue...It certainly isn't slowing her down at all anyway!

A proud, if somewhat blurry, Shiba before our hike (I dropped my good camera on it's lens and broke it. I'm now reduced to using my back up camera - back up because I also dropped and broke it - but it still technically 'works')

Snoz's 'eye bags' 
Clearly the stress of life is beginning to get to her too

And finally she's sleepy!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Snoz Chauffeur

At the grand old age of 24 I decided to learn to drive solely to get Snoz to nice dog friendly beaches. Today I failed my driving test for losing my mind during a parallel park. I had no minors, just one big ol' major. So 7 months of 2 hours lessons a week at £44 a pop, not to mention the £62 for the test and one day of holiday away from work, results in a big fat fail for turning the steering wheel right instead of left, slighlty grazing a curb. I had no minors - just to reiterate my fury; no minors. And the best part is I can't get a re test until June.

Looks like it's endless ugly, plastic covered beach walking around awful Penryn for Snoz and me this summer...

I feel terrible because I've been in a foul mood with her since I got home. I lost my temper on our walk pulling her harshly away from some flowers she was sniffing and shouting at a toy I tripped over like an insane person. I would never have thought failing the test would make me this angry and upset! I have never lost my temper with her before.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Tummy Troubles

It is as I thought; Shnoz has a stomach infection. After another particularly unpleasant morning walk we bit the bullet and took her straight in to see the vet. She is on antibiotics and anti diarrhea meds and actually seems to be brighter already, after just one day :) I truly hope it will just clear up after the antibiotic course. The vet thought it could be caused by pretty much anything. My guess is the raw crab claw she ate before I could wrestle it off her!!

Forget fun, us girls just wanna have naps...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Post Holiday Blues

Today is my final day away from work - back to the daily grind tomorrow. I'm really dreading having to wake Shinobi (now more often known as Snoz) up before 9am, she's a really lazy puppy in the morning! I have to literally pick her up out of her bed and set her on her feet to wake her up, any opportunity she gets she zooms back into her crate and curls up with her eyes shut, huffing, if I wasn't always so stressed in the morning trying to get ready for work it would probably be pretty funny!

Here is an example of Snoz sleeping:-

Yeah...that's one pretty determined sleep face...

Today I had an old friend over with her lovely new boyfriend, we all just hung out chatting. Snoz was a little manic and tried eating everyone's jeans but eventually settled down. We're still working on her greeting towards people...she's a jumpy chewy monster! She only gets away with it 'cos she's cute. More puppy classes for Snoz!

We took her for a walk beforehand:-

Happiest dog ever? I think so...

Snoz was not allowed to chew sticks today. This is day 7 of horrible runny tummy. She's on a boiled chicken and rice diet until I take her to the vets on Thursday. I'm getting a little worried...

She is also not allowed to drink river water. She tried jumping in. I suggested she might benefit from blowing her coat instead now that the weather is so warm but she gave me this look:-

I think roughly translated it means 'Darling, I am fabulous, why would I ever need to change my coat?'