Obi Chan Shinobi san!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Kiss monster

I house sat at the weekend with Snoz. I was slightly apprehensive as to how she'd react to sleeping and living in an unfamiliar place but as usual I was pleasantly surprised! She did whine a lot, which is unusual, but the house we were staying at has a huge beautiful garden and I think she was just keen to explore all the new plants. We've had a lot of very strong gale force winds recently and being up on a hill, where the wind whips around very loudly,was also a little intense for her.

I clearly have no idea where the camera lens is but Snoz is posing like a champ!

Not too sure about this one...

Getting so brave!

For those who have heard that Shiba Inu's are not affectionate dogs...

Snoz wants cuddles all the time

And is a notorious face licker!

Resistance is futile; Snoz will pin you down and lick your face whether you like it or not!

She doesn't see what's so funny

We stayed this way for a good hour (me trying to avoid the tongue in eye/up nose/in mouth eeeep!)

Friday, June 21, 2013

So many adventures

for one little Snoz! I have been really slack about updating this blog. As we've had so many adventures, I've lost track, so I'm just going to post some cute pictures...

beach planking

not brave enough to swim

I'm not quite sure what happened to no sleeping on the bed...

oh dear! This spells trouble


St Michaels Mount

Monday, June 3, 2013

pooh party!

As before, I promised Shinobi that we would do something special today. Yesterday, when we took her to the park, I overheard her whispering to the grass, and bushes that she would like to bring a friend along for the journey.  When I asked Shinobi about it, she looked at me in shock as if I was I mind reader or something. She eased up, and after a couple of treats, she asked if her Pooh Bear could come along. I softly replied,"Sure thing Love."

And before you know it we were all in the car and on our way.

I was quite amazing to see how much fun they were having, 
and by the end of it, it was hard to keep up with them.

Say Cheese!

Pooh kept taking short pee breaks.


pit stop...


Oi! Pooh, c'mon.

Oh, silly Pooh Bear.

a quick game of hide and seek.

Snoz will never find Pooh there!

Woah, Snoz check out this beach!


Making a new friend before a quick paddle!

Yay Snoz!

A little beach wrestling after a pooh paddle.

Pooh's got Snoz down for the count!

Ding! Ding! Ding!


Pooh,"Can I tell you a joke Snoz? It's not that bad.."

Then, after the joke...

Snoz,"Ugh, it was terrible."

Pooh,"C'mon Snoz, come back! It wasn't that bad!"

Whey! A photo with Shinobi. :)

A bunch of beach bums!

Whey! What a beautiful day! 

pink bandage

Snoz unfortunately had a few emergency appointments on Sunday. It started off not as we expected, with an unprofessional vet that scary stories are made of. Sadly, he was ill-equipped without any knowledge of the lovable yet quirky characteristics of the Shiba Inu breed. Not a sign of respect to us, nor our little Snoz, and especially to himself or his practice. Since his speciality was herd animals and hamsters, I wanted to go tell him to shove his fist up a horse's arse, but we kept calm and filed a proper complaint, and took our Snoz to another practice. In the end, Snoz was a little shook up. Gladly, there was no need for sedation, or emergency surgery as Mr. Scary pointed out.  Just a little blood work and a fetching pink bandage. A little infection; no more, no less.  I'm still quite sad about it, so I told Snoz we'd do something sweet tomorrow and she can bring a friend.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Exeter Respect Festival

Snoz is a festival hippie

The Double Locks BBQ

Meeting an American Eskimo

Not impressed

Watching all the festival people

Face planting the floor - festivals are exhausting!

Making herself at home

Very at home! 
Snoz feels entitled to sleep anywhere she pleases