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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hit and miss

The weather is being particularly bi-polar this summer and Snoz is finally shedding her coat. We've been having apocalyptic thunder and lightening storms, I think by the time her coat is thinned out it'll be cold and wintery again...

I've been working long hours the past two weeks which means 6am starts. Our routine is 6am breakfast, half an hour snoozing for Snoz (for me, tanking up on coffee) then down to the beach for morning swims and paddles for an hour before work. We've moved Snoz's play pen into the hall, now that's she's fully grown, so that she has more space. Unfortunately she's still a notorious carpet eater so she still has to spend alone time in her pen. Then home and long summer evening walks. She's spoilt on cheese and her favourite thing is chasing pebbles.

'Stop it mum!'

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