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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pandora Inn (again), Mylor Bridge, Halwyn (and a stinking cold!)

Snoz is on steroids for an allergy to something, the vet administered the first tablet before I had a chance to read the side effects - now that I have - I'm pretty annoyed that we started her on them. Not only can they be pretty dangerous, once started the patient must be weaned off them over a month, to stop any dangerous withdrawal effects.

Snoz's nose, and other visible black skin, became swollen and bright red, she was itchy and obsessively chewing on her paws. The steroids, as harsh as they may be, are working wonders for her allergy, her skin is almost back to normal now with just a few pink/grey spots which are slowly returning to black. Unfortunately, the medication seems to be making Snoz anxious, unsettled and seemingly depressed! I can't wait to finish them.

I have also been struck with a flu/cold type illness - in the middle of summer! We are quite the pair, lying around sneezing together.

We decided to take Snoz for a short-ish walk in the sunshine in an attempt to take her mind off itchiness and cheer her up.

A real water dog

Sunshine smile


A view of Pandora Inn Dock

Trying to capture a photo of all the fish - millions of fish!

Swans waiting for bread

A boat parked by the Inn

Snoz was really weird about this boat and whined incessantly whilst trying to jump aboard - perhaps she is secretly a Pirate at heart...

Not to be too instagram but this food was amazing! Vegetable platter

Finally settling down. Funny dog...

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