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Sunday, January 5, 2014

A break in the storm

We walked from Mylor Bridge to Pandora Inn yesterday, stopping for a jacket potato and a cider. The sun came out and it genuinely felt quite warm. The path was solid for most of the walk (a brief stint on a road and some gravelled country paths) but the last stretch was flooded and muddy; we had to cling to trees and surrender to wet feet. Snoz very carefully picked up her paws one by one and was clearly reluctant to walk in the mud. She did try to eat big clumps of it though (I think I read somewhere that could indicate a vitamin deficiency?)

Checking out the view (and the sheep)

It's been so wet little mushrooms have started growing everywhere

'Where's my potato?' says Snoz

The mud

Snoz's favourite past time 

An abandoned boat overcome with seaweed

Snoz playing tug of war with a broken swing (I think ultimately the swing won)

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