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Monday, June 3, 2013

pink bandage

Snoz unfortunately had a few emergency appointments on Sunday. It started off not as we expected, with an unprofessional vet that scary stories are made of. Sadly, he was ill-equipped without any knowledge of the lovable yet quirky characteristics of the Shiba Inu breed. Not a sign of respect to us, nor our little Snoz, and especially to himself or his practice. Since his speciality was herd animals and hamsters, I wanted to go tell him to shove his fist up a horse's arse, but we kept calm and filed a proper complaint, and took our Snoz to another practice. In the end, Snoz was a little shook up. Gladly, there was no need for sedation, or emergency surgery as Mr. Scary pointed out.  Just a little blood work and a fetching pink bandage. A little infection; no more, no less.  I'm still quite sad about it, so I told Snoz we'd do something sweet tomorrow and she can bring a friend.

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