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Monday, June 24, 2013

Kiss monster

I house sat at the weekend with Snoz. I was slightly apprehensive as to how she'd react to sleeping and living in an unfamiliar place but as usual I was pleasantly surprised! She did whine a lot, which is unusual, but the house we were staying at has a huge beautiful garden and I think she was just keen to explore all the new plants. We've had a lot of very strong gale force winds recently and being up on a hill, where the wind whips around very loudly,was also a little intense for her.

I clearly have no idea where the camera lens is but Snoz is posing like a champ!

Not too sure about this one...

Getting so brave!

For those who have heard that Shiba Inu's are not affectionate dogs...

Snoz wants cuddles all the time

And is a notorious face licker!

Resistance is futile; Snoz will pin you down and lick your face whether you like it or not!

She doesn't see what's so funny

We stayed this way for a good hour (me trying to avoid the tongue in eye/up nose/in mouth eeeep!)

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