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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kynance Cove

We made Snoz a (questionable) dog cake...wet food with plain yoghurt and her favourite treats posed as candles. She loved it but inevitably had a slighly runny tummy later on (the guilt!) We were then struck by an enormous thunder and lightening storm. Snoz didn't react in anyway, aside from a slight flick of her ears...(she can be spooked out of her skin by an alarm clock going off but when faced with an unfamiliar storm she reacts like she's the most chilled dog that has ever been...)

I had resigned myself to a wet day of trudging about trying to dodge lightening but good fortune smiled upon us and the sun appeared. I'm even a little sun burnt! We headed to Kynance cove as the tide was coming up (due to my terrible sense of direction and a half hour detour to get back on track) so we had a lot of fun chasing the waves. The seaweed gets churned up when the sea is very stormy and's not pollution although a lot of tourist mistakenly believe it is. Seaweed is used in Shampoo to create the froth, it's pretty interesting to see it in its natural habitat! Snoz had a great time chasing the froth as the wind wipped it all over the beach.

Snoz sensed today was special and woke us up early with kisses

Then she decided to do her comedy bit and fell asleep with the laundry pole in her mouth


She loves her presents!

Just to return again to this picture...I mean really!

The cake

She seemed to like it...

kynance Cove

Chasing waves

This is her serious stalking face (waiting for me to chase her)

A really fun passage where the sea suddenly gets ya!

Watch out Shinobi!

She made a game out of trying not to let the waves get her (the Ocean won everytime)

Super Snoz can fly

Not a bad view from the Cafe

Dreaming of cake

Snoz does a Jaws impression

These cows decided to hang around in the middle of the road for a while, Snoz had a great time leaning out the window to look at them.

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