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Monday, November 11, 2013


On Sunday we joined a pack of big black dogs and walked all over Dartmoor. We found a 'haunted' house and a grenade (the army trains over Dartmoor and leaves shrapnel behind sometimes).

Snoz had a great time; she ate some worrying looking mushrooms before I could pull them off her and had a nibble on a sheep skull, but aside from that she was good as gold.

The other dogs were very old, 12+ so not particularly interested in playing with her, she got snapped at a few times and some warning growls but she seemed to fall in place eventually and settled in well.

Begging for scraps

A man and his dog...

Spot the Shiba

After a big hike and lots of excitement it was back to a lovely cottage in Chagford to warm up in front of the fire - Snoz heaven.

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