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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Stormy weather

The past couple of days have bought us storms; gales, flooding, hail and destruction. We have managed to take Snoz on lots of reluctant walks. She is beginning to hate rain; we took her to Perranporth beach where it began to hail the moment we stepped onto the sand, Snoz spent the entire time running with her eyes closed (one of the funniest things I have ever seen her do) and dragging us into any cave she could find for shelter. She's also on her second heat (spay after this one) and is being awfully hyper. I'm on my xmas break from work now so can spend more time battling the elements with her for a week or so...Christmas eve so far (at 9am) is promising blue skies and sunshine but I don't believe it! The rain will start again any moment, I can feel it!

'Why are we outside in this wet stuff?'

I've been looking at a forum on Shiba's and evaluating their show quality, compared to all the other Shiby's Snoz seems very tiny, she looks very short and dainty in comparison - I wonder is Snoz is a little stumpy shib ha... 

Emerging from the cave we sheltered in (for what seemed like hours)

We were greeted by a rainbow on a dark rain soaked backdrop

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