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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hip Dysplasia

Snoz might have hip dysplasia according to a quick veterinary examination that took place this evening. Snoz had to wear a little muzzle (which left her looking like an adorable little Hannibal Lector) because she became a little (OK a lot) snappy.
I was hoping she had a luxating patella that would account for her little skipping right back leg (not something to hope for particularly) but her knees are stubborn and wont budge i.e. really strong and not luxating.
I looked up videos of other Shiba's at 7 months old running around and I can really see now how Snoz has a slightly over flexible back - her hips sway from side to side a lot. Her little skip has been really bothering me lately, as have her clicking joints - she pops and crackles almost as much as I do. When she trots it almost looks like she's trying to hike her left leg up - maybe back into place? We've been given glucosamine and anti-inflammatory meds to trial.
I read on the internet that only dogs with sever HD show symptoms at such a young age, so my solution? No more reading anything on the internet, ever. In fact I might do away with this internet business altogether.
Feeling pretty low I took Snoz to the park this evening where she proceeded to mock my fears by running around crazily fast with no signs whatsoever of skipping.
Could this be advanced Shiba mind control? Effecting a limp in order to garner sympathy i.e. lots of cheese and cuddles? Let's hope so.

There is certainly a risk in submitting to loving another creature so much, one that relies on you for everything. I never thought I could have such a strong protective feeling for an animal - I guess we are all pack animals and I've certainly adopted her into my pack! She has made my life 100% happier and funnier from the moment we bought her home - at the same time I've never worried about someone so much.

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