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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Snowdonia - Snoz's first holiday!

Snoz is officially the best dog ever (no bias or anything *ahem). We spur of the moment decided to head up to Snowdonia for a couple of days holiday, to escape the never ending sea drizzle that is Cornwall.
Snoz was incredibly well behaved the entire time, aside from an incident where she tried to eat a lambs tale that had dropped off (ARGH) and also the incident where she rolled in sheep poo (again arghghgh) oh and the couple of incidences where she kept jumping on the holiday cottage sofas (not allowed!) aside from all that she was good as gold!

I took far too many photos with my new camera. It's only when I got home and looked at them I realised they're 2% mountains and 98% Snoz face!

The beautiful holiday cottage we stayed in. A converted barn

Snoz could not get her head around indoor steps

I think this is the face of sheep poo heaven bliss

The first day, the first day! sheepy smelling little pup

The fattest cheeks I have ever seen

Making friends! 
(This dog had zero interest in being friends)

Please play with me! 
(aaand neither did this dog - poor Snoz)




Unimpressed, as per usual

Waiting for her doggie sausage at the incredible cafe Alpine in Betws-y-Coed

Tired Shiba, grateful for a lift!

Travelling home in style

Some sing-a-long tunes for the journey

A quick pee pit stop in the blossoms

Beautiful Snoz

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