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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Too many days...

spent in the office whilst the sun has been out. To make up for this we've had action packed fun filled mornings and evenings! All week we've made the most of the longer nights and had a lot of fun with Snoz!

This Saturday morning she woke up on heat, just shy of 7 months old. She's feeling very sorry for herself (drama queen) so we took her the pet shop and bought her a beautiful new collar (Shiba mind control?) and then off to Trebah Gardens to let her play on the beach and roll around in the sun. We only had one incident of a male puppy whimpering to get at her, but we made sure to take her to a 'dogs strictly on leads' garden to avoid any incidents. This is where apartment living and no garden is an issue. I guess after this heat we'll have her spayed.

We've had a busy week and no blogging so lots of pictures!

Who said Shiba's don't snuggle?

Other naughty dogs

Snoz's expression during Puppy class - 'What the heck are these clowns doing?'

'I mean really!'

The Pandora Inn - dog friendly and beautiful with amazing food

Princess alert!

Eating sand - again! When will she learn?!

Plotting her getaway

Snoz's beautiful (ridiculous) new collar

Taking on a stick twice her size. Mighty Shiba Snoz!


Trebah gardens

Shiba splat. She's really getting the hang of this car business
(stay low and hold on for dear life - when my husband's driving!)

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  1. Glad you guys are getting out in the new car :) Cornwall is looking lovely as is Snoz xxx