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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Born Free (Sennen Cove)

We decided to be brave and let Snoz off her lead in Sennen Cove; she was really good for about half an hour, staying by our sides, chasing us and not straying, she even returned when called a few times(!) Sennen was quite deserted on Saturday, despite the sunshine it was really cold and all the cafes/restaurant were mostly shut. There were a few other dogs on the beach but she mostly ignored them.

At about the 40 minute mark she suddenly realised she was not on her lead anymore and made a break for it! She ran right into a group of people and tried to engage a little boy in play (eeep!) Luckily the family also had a dog and weren't annoyed. I caught up with her and she sprang away from me; running towards the water, she didn't go too far but she let me know I was a far too slow to catch her! Eventually she went for the treat I was trying to give to her, giving me enough opportunity to grab her...She had a really great time. I love to see her running around so freely (I just wish she had more reliable recall so we could chance it more often, in less secluded places too).

Delighted Shiba 

The escape

Doing a dance for a treat

Sleepy Shiba after her big day! We walked a woody walk later on and saw lots of beautiful stars. It was about 11pm by the time we got home and Snoz put herself straight to bed!

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