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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Ferryboat Inn

Snoz was sleepy today so we took it pretty easy. Looking for the illusive Grebe Beach we found The Ferryboat Inn instead (where are you Grebe Beach? Did I dream you?) Unfortunately the beach that the Inn backs onto is not dog friendly from Easter day through to October, so we walked along the cliffs instead until we finally found one where Snoz could have a paddle.

What's that fallen sign, straight ahead you say?

Errr...end of the line folks...

The culprit? A really dead tree. 
So long footpath, can't help but feel slightly nervous walking unstable coast paths.

Either we're being haunted by a little black line ghost or there's something stuck in my camera lens.

Contemplating whether it's worth getting wet to catch a seagull

Still uncertain

She sticks with her ball instead.
(For some reason this photo is reminding me of Pulp Fiction)

I think this must be Snoz's fat angle. Less cheese for you Snoz!

Splat! Sleep Snoz

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