Obi Chan Shinobi san!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Apartment living...

Our neighbours are getting uppetty about us having a dog - purely because she's a dog (no noise/fouling complaints). This is pure maliciousness as far as I can see. We've never really left her alone, having the Christmas holiday off etc. The longest she's ever been alone is about 3 hours in the 2 months we've had her and as far as we know she slept the whole time (no noise upon approaching apartment).

The feeling of dog hatred around here is unmistakeable and causing me rather a lot of stress. Unfortunately we have to open both our door and the foyer door to get outside, this makes a slight door opening noise and is the only slight noise she has caused upon living here.

Comments include:-

'This is beginning to really p*ss me off' (in regard to us walking past them)

'Those guys have a bloody dog!' (Said in an exageratedly horrified tone, as though we were hauling a dead body into our apartment)

and general curtain twitching and nasty looks.

I may be over reacting but this is beginning to p*ss me off! Shinobi is a good dog, she's quiet and she hardly ever barks and has only Shiba screamed once (when the door accidently hit her bottom and scared/hurt her).

Maybe I am being unreasonable having a dog in an apartment - it's certainly beginning to feel that way.

Suffice to say we're looking at houses next time, apartment living is claustrophobic. Especially as our closest neighbours spend their entire time loudly having sex or loudly arguing. Maybe I should complain about that!


  1. Fuck 'em! People love to stick their noses into other people's business. Just ignore them, let them moan all they want; you're not about to get rid of the pup so they're gonna have to learn to love it or leave it. They're only agitating themselves the more they moan about it, and although the snarky comments may be difficult to ignore at first, if they have nothing nice to say they are not worth taking any notice of. Try not to feel bad/worried about how they feel, if they're being unreasonable then more fool them. In fact, if I were you, I would rub it in their faces even more :) -Phil

  2. Thank you! That's exactly what I needed to hear :) You're comletely right, I was almost feeling guilty stepping out with her - ridiculous! I'm proud of my dog and I shouldn't feel intimidated in my own home. Thanks again X