Obi Chan Shinobi san!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

It all started off so well...

...with a lovely walk to the pet shop, Doggies and Moggies. Although harnesses have been a somewhat controversial issue, we decided to go for it because she's making awful choking noises when out walking with just her collar on.

Here is a shot of Shinobi pretending to be a good girl for the photo (after ripping us to shreds moments earlier when we tried to put the harness on her).

Whilst we were walking home all enjoying the new harness, Shinobi decided to mix things up a bit and eat something horrendous. It all happened in three seconds flat, we were laughing over how she was chasing leaves like a cat when she picked one up that had something on it...I have no idea what, but I have a horrible feeling it was faeces. She spat it out and started foaming at the mouth, green foam, and drooling! Panicking, we stopped the first lady we saw with a dog and grabbed the number of the vet off her (thank you much-more-together-than-us dog owner!) The only open emergency vet turned out to be about an hour from us. The vet was kind of patronising, and told me she'd probably be fine or that she'd been poisoned and needed emergency treatment (helpful), he also stressed it would cost us a lot to go in on a Sunday - as if we were concerned about the monetary cost at that moment!
We ran into a delicatessen and the nice lady behind the counter gave us a free glass of water (and unsurprisingly let us kept the glass!) We washed her mouth out and let her walk again to assess the situation.

Here is Shinobi wondering why we're panicking; 'I'm fine, let me eat more poisonous crap off the floor!'

We decided to take Shinobi home because she seemed completely normal. We washed her paws and mouth and face (definitely some kind of faeces there, disgusting!) and brushed her teeth! (Well, tried to).

She seems OK, sleepy from the walk. I guess we're out of the woods? I will be way more strict with her on leash from now on and not let her sniff unless I can see exactly what it is she's getting into - it seemed a shame to be too strict with her when she was enjoying chasing the leaves so much - I learned my lesson!

Here is Shinobi looking at me accusingly. I feel like a bad puppy ma! At least we know our dog wont be a poop eater!

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