Obi Chan Shinobi san!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bad girl Shinobi!

Shinobi has been replaced this morning by an evil demon wild fox wolf, intent on killing me. I took her for a long walk to tire her out where she met lots of people (the usual ridiculous conversations ensued "Oh it's an Akita!" "No a Shiba Inu" "Oh yeah I just love Akita's, she's gonna get huge!" "No, she's going to be quite small, she's a Shiba Inu" " Did you know that Akita's eat wolves?" "Err...ok yeah she can be an Akita if you want...")
I thought the walk would tire her out but it seems to have fuelled her bitey jumpy attack behaviour.
Planning her next attack...

The new training method I've been trialling with her the last couple of days to stop the biting has really wound her up. Everytime she bites, I say no firmly and leave the room for 15 seconds. She howls at the door and scratches, I wait till she calms down and come back in. So far, the biting seems to be just as bad if not worse, especially today. I have given her carrots and ice cubes and she's still a nutter. Sometimes I feel like I'm living with a stray wolf cub.


  1. hahaha reminds me only a few months ago when Kari was teething. We got her a few ropes and a Kong toy to help her "vent" her biting and need to chew. Everything else that was off limit was sprayed with a bottle of bitter apple we picked up at the pet store. Good luck!

    1. Aha, Shinobi seems to like bitter apple spray, she is unstoppable! ;) Glad Kari has finished the teething stage, must be a relief - it is kinda cute though :D

    2. Oh my! Shinobi is one tough puppy if she can handle bitter apple. The other options I remember from puppy class was either putting some coins in a bottle and shake it if you catch her chewing on something she's not suppose to. Some puppies get terrified of that noise. The other and very last resort option was water spray bottle =[

    3. She is a tough puppy! She is fearless, nothing stops her chewing! I will definitely try the coin thing though, she isn't hugely keen on loud noises so I think you might be onto something with that, thank you! :)

  2. She's definately in danger of cute-ing me to death.