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Friday, February 1, 2013

3 Day Weekend

Today I booked the day off work to get my hair cut - (which possibly seems a little excessive but I haven't had a cut in over 2 years, now have a lot of hair and it takes a long time to make this long straggly mess look vaguely human and me less like a pencil troll!) so this morning I have been hanging out with Shinobi. She's really biting a lot at the moment. I've started putting her out in the hall by herself instead of going out there...and it seems to upset her a lot. I feel terrible doing it, she cries and scratches at the door, I'm fairly certain she's a little afraid of the dark (aren't Shiba's funny with their fears?) and it's pitch black out there.

Anyways, we played some catch and went for a looong walk. The sun was hot today so I was happy to let Shinobi go wherever she wanted in the park, including standing still staring at birds for 10 minutes at a time. She pooped about 5 times (literally) and then we took a slow easy stroll all around Penryn village. She walks really well on her leash now that she wears a harness to go out.

Now she's sleeping way back under the sofa. I tried to wash some mud off her paws so she's hiding from me and getting it all over the white carpet instead. Naughty Shib!

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