Obi Chan Shinobi san!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Last few days

Not being as good as she appears in this photo in the pub

I love my Shib

Peanut butter anyone?

Raw diet for Shinobi's dodgy knees, so far, so meaty

Rolling her eyes at us

Big enough to get up on the sofa unassisted - trouble ahead!

Shinobi conquering the world

And the latest in 'awkward family photo's' - trying to pose cheesily for a Valentine's card shot...
Shinobi's unique take on 'say cheese'


  1. Cute family pic! Kari always does something weird/funny in our's >.< Glad to see that her knee is doing better! It's an unfortunate common problem with many Shibas in our area according to our vet =[

  2. Thank you! She seems 100% again today :D. Our vet tried to manipulate her knees to see if they luxate, and one of them was really sturdy and good and the other was very slightly weaker - the vet said it's probably just growing pains :D I was preparing myself for the worst and thinking hip dysplasia and all sorts of terrible things! I think Shiba's are drama queens sometimes ;)