Obi Chan Shinobi san!

Monday, February 4, 2013


At the weekend we visited friends in Dartmoor who have a 1 year old Wolfhound/Greyhound mix. Ginny is a great big bouncy dog, she's very vocal, gorgeous and was extremely keen to play with Shinobi!

Here they are having a bit of a stand off.

Shinobi really was having none of it! Which was rather surprising to me because whilst we're out on walks she jumps up at every dog she meets. Ginny was very keen to lick Shinobi's bottom and inside her ears but Shinobi was behaving like a very proper lady and seemed very put out by the whole thing.

When Shinobi had really had enough she hid under this stool and refused to come out, Ginny tried (and failed) to fit under with her, and instead sat howling and biffing Shinobi with her big paws!

We've discovered Shinobi is a very polite house guest. She was very tolerant of everyone picking her up and didn't mouth at all!

She did get quite scared when meeting the ponies though and insisted I pick her up!

Here is Shinobi attempting to biff a pony on the nose, she miraculously became a lot braver once I was holding her!

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