Obi Chan Shinobi san!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Shinobi's mortal enemy...

 Shinobi naturally felt it was appropriate to eat the spoils of her dig; i.e. a whole load of gravely sand. Suffice to say her poop the next day was amusing.

Basil Brush, according to an old man. Humphf

Big ol' cheesy Shiba

'Come get me boys!' 
Shinobi the bikini model

Will do anything for treats

Shinobi's mortal enemy sneaking up behind her and planning her best plan of attack...

Registering her disgust at the world

Shinobi and Bodhi have fierce growling/barking matches through the glass (but Shinobi runs for her life when the door is opened!)

Shinobi just wants to play really and gets upset and sulky when Bodhi tries to maul her and they have to be separated.


  1. Shinobi is such a cutie! She's really good at posing for the camera hahaha

    We've never actually had Kari meet a cat before. Not sure if she will have the small dog complex like Shinobi or will get along with a cat. =/

  2. She is a little poser! It's as though she knows; she'll stop what she's doing and strike a pose! haha.
    Oh dear, Shinobi is ok with some cats and not others...The only trend I've sort of seen is that she's ok with male cats but has issues with female cats.
    Funny Shiba's...