Obi Chan Shinobi san!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Shinobi's the bees knees

This morning Shinobi was unusually quiet and refused to get out of bed. When gently encouraged to stand she started screaming and limping her back leg! One emergency rush to the vets and an anti inflammatory injection later, she seems brand new. It seems that along with Shinobi's big growth spurt is also a dodgy knee problem developing, her back right knee clicks sometimes and pops. This morning it popped out of place to such an extent that her leg muscle strained as a result. She is now on a strict very gentle exercise/no walking regime which will mean no going to work, which means a Shiba alone in the house for 7+ hours whilst we're working. We have never done this before and I feel terrible! We are getting the X Pen set up. I know she needs rest but I'll be worrying all day + I have my driving test tomorrow and will be out way longer than usual. Ahhh and on Valentine's day.

Me and Shinobi, true love

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