Obi Chan Shinobi san!

Friday, March 8, 2013


Well...whilst we were out working Shinobi must have got really bored/hungry and decided to eat all the stuffing out of her bed and then promptly throw it up everywhere. My husband discovered her retching, breathing very fast and seeming generally off. I got the phone call at work so hopped onto the next train to Falmouth (the emergency vet is one town down from us) where, because I was rushing/panicking, I got decidedly lost in a creepy park. The vet lady actually came and picked me up in her car when I called for directions because the park has a slightly bad reputation! What a lovely amazing woman!

Shinobi was fine, and jumped all over me when we got there. I think she threw up her entire bed! She's completely normal again now. We're getting pretty limited with what we can keep in her crate whilst we're out though...

Posing with my husband

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