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Friday, March 8, 2013

Super Shinobi to the rescue!

I came home early this afternoon to walk Shinobi. I had a very strong feeling that I should walk around the University grounds, it's a pretty beautiful, well lit walk with lots of students to fuss over Shinobi.

We were just crossing the road to enter the grounds when I noticed a man in front of us walking very stiffly, I backed off slightly - worrying he was very drunk or possibly dangerous (too many zombie movies). Suddenly he started violently shaking. He span round and fell onto the road, smashing his head, his teeth flying out of his mouth and I distinctly heard his cheek bone crack. Shinobi and I immediately ran into the road to stop the cars (Shinobi drives me nuts constantly trying to run into traffic, she was particularly excited on this occasion that I let her *sigh). Unfortunately he was having an epileptic fit on the blind corner of one of the busiest roads running through Penryn. His head was smashing again and again onto the concrete, blood flowing everywhere. Luckily a man in a van pulled over and rushed to put a soft blanket under the young mans head. I couldn't get too close to the action because Shinobi was trying to say hello to everyone (I was also worried she might start biting the fitting man because his unusal behavior seemed to be scaring/whipping her into a frenzy!)

I called 999 and got an ambulance to come right away. A group of very young men walked past moments later, it almost moved me to tears to see them run into the road to stop the cars, working together to direct the traffic around the man.

We stayed until the ambulance arrived, Shinobi calmly stood and watched the action whilst I waited.

Although it was very upsetting/disturbing to see this happen, my faith in mankind has been restored a little tonight; seeing so many people stop to care for one man.

Shinobi sticks her tongue out at the world

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