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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shinobi the mermaid

We went on much too long of a walk with Shinobi at the weekend - accidentally ('Cornish miles', as they're known, equal about 3 miles for every 1 mile in the real world). Poor baby! She did very well however and even had a dip in the sea!

And we even had an amazing incident on this walk! We found a beach about half way round and decided to rest there for a while. My husband decided to take Shinobi to the sea whilst I sat a long way off sunbathing. Now, my husband - much against my will I might add - took Shinobi off her lead to play fetch with her (having had some 'success' with her off lead other times I wasn't around to protest).

I could just see them silhouetted on the horizon and had just clocked that she was lead less so was fully alert and sitting up by this point. Predictably, when my husband chucked the stick (well, seaweed shaped stick, he had to improvise) Shinobi ran in the opposite direction. My heart in my chest now I tried to remain calm and will her towards me.

And that is exactly what she did! She ran arrow straight right into my lap for a big hug and a triumphant 'did you see me off my lead running?' expression in her little face (I might have imagined that). But to me, it was just like a toddler doing something independently and running to their mother for approval.

It has been suggested that Shinobi is my 'baby substitute' right now and that I am possibly 'personifying her' a little to much and to that I say....well yes probably. I'm becoming somewhat of a recluse and very reluctant to leave my house! But I love her with all my heart and everyday our bond gets stronger.

So, enough of me. Here are some more Shinobi pictures (unfortunately my camera sucks in sunlight; the pictures are bad). Also, these first ones are nothing to do with the weekend. Just some snaps from the evening walk around the university campus we do with Shinobi.

Riddles with rabbits so Shinobi goes mental sniffing in the grass

Shinobi always takes some persuading to walk over this long lit up bridge  

Big smile reflection

Once again in my puffer jacket making an amusingly big butted shadow

Shinobi got her hands (mouth) on a crab. This is her enraged and indignent expression when I took it off her. Probably the only time I've witnessed any kind of 'resource guarding' type behaviour. Crabs sure do taste good!

 Posing triumphantly near the end of our walk. Shinobi is getting a bum like Arnold Schwartzenegger - she is a little muscly pup!

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