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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hypothyroid disease and an energetic Shiba

I have hypothyroid disease, recently diagnosed and not yet on treatment. Tomorrow I go back to the doctors for yet more blood tests, this time to rule out scarier conditions such as Lupus. Once I get the (hopefully) all clear, I can start my 'life changing' meds. Hypothyroid disease, even mild (as mine is, verging on borderline) is robbing me of my happiness. Everyday I get more tired and my mood gets blacker. I feel bleak. I get confused easily. I can't remember what I did yesterday. For someone who is also recovering from an eating disorder and most comfortable in my skin when about 14 pounds underweight (however physically unhealthy this may be), the progressive and unshiftable weight gain (however trivial it may seem) is driving me insane. I eat well, I exercise, I am always hungry; I put on weight. It is infuriating.

The main problem of course is that I find it increasingly difficult to wake up in the mornings before work to take Shinobi on walks. I walk her in a half awake state, joints aching and shivering. I am no longer enjoying our morning walks. I also fall asleep almost immediately when I get home from work, often at around 8pm. I walk Shinobi, I am exhausted. For someone who used to go to the gym 2 hours a day after work, and run quite comfortably 10 miles in little more than an hour; I feel lifeless.

I've heard that the meds take a long time to make a person feel better, if they do at all. Although I religiously walk Shinobi, I would like to be able to walk her without it wiping me out for the rest for the day. She's only going to need more exercise as she gets older. I hope that my diagnosis and meds will help us enjoy our energetic time together again.

And now the important bit, photos of Shinobi! Enjoying our visit to a scultpure garden with my family:-

Getting happier and more confident on car journeys.

Sitting in the middle to watch the road


A little unbrella snack

A hole in the ceiling

Trying to shelter from the rain. Shinobi loves the rain, she likes to roll in wet grass

Pin hole camera

A scultpure representing oppression in society...somehow...

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  1. Hopefully Shibby will sense your troubles and pass some of her energy onto you! Remember, dogs are our companions of centuries. I reckon they can help us out in many ways...