Obi Chan Shinobi san!

Monday, March 4, 2013


Aside from another horrible incident with an unsocialised should-not-be-off-leash-ever dog, today was great! Booked the day off work for my Ma's birthday and headed on down to Helston. The best part was the sun decided to finally grace us with its' presence. We walked around to Porthleven and it was warm enough to have lunch outside in the sunshine.

I used to run the route a lot when I lived with my parents and had completely forgotten how long it is as a walk. Shinobi reminded me by point blankly refusing to walk on the way back. She must weigh about 14 pounds at least now, my arms are still aching!! That will teach me for trying to make a 5 month old walk so far.

Contentment is a muddy stick

Being a very good girl! (Apart from trying to surreptitiously sneak the odd discarded cigarette butt)

Checking out the view

Right before a nasty Springer type dog tried to bite her head off (jealous of her great looks no doubt)

Pausing for a rest with Ma and sister

'Carry me home human! Hurry now'

Putting my sister through her paces after she got her breath back

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