Obi Chan Shinobi san!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Shinobi is a happy girl

This beach here is on the way to Flushing from Penryn. It's covered in junk that has presumably been thrown off boats, washed up and left to die on the shore (unfortunately it's almost entirely plastic, it can't even rot). There's plastic everywhere; packets of ice, bottle tops, crisp packets. It's as though all the packaging of one large supermarket has been mixed with seaweed and grit and dumped in the sea.This beach is not for tourist and therefore it never gets a beach clean. It makes me wonder if all our beaches would look this way if conscientious people weren't there to pick up the rubbish...

Shinobi doing her supermodel bit

No horse meat, just Shibby treats. 
Still feeding the raw, we haven't found any raw meaty bones around here yet. We've been supplementing with ground organic egg shells, cheese and yoghurt. Raw is supposed to be simple but I'm worried Shinobi is not getting what she needs. Is her calmness lethargy or was the kibble making her hyper?

On deck, enjoying the engine vibrate

Shinobi's best hobby and skill - trying to dig her way back to Japan

eating all the sand in the process

 she nearly made it too...

March decided to be summer today, we even had ice creams

Right before a wave got Shinobi good! 

Urge to sleeep...


and she's out...

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