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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Post Holiday Blues

Today is my final day away from work - back to the daily grind tomorrow. I'm really dreading having to wake Shinobi (now more often known as Snoz) up before 9am, she's a really lazy puppy in the morning! I have to literally pick her up out of her bed and set her on her feet to wake her up, any opportunity she gets she zooms back into her crate and curls up with her eyes shut, huffing, if I wasn't always so stressed in the morning trying to get ready for work it would probably be pretty funny!

Here is an example of Snoz sleeping:-

Yeah...that's one pretty determined sleep face...

Today I had an old friend over with her lovely new boyfriend, we all just hung out chatting. Snoz was a little manic and tried eating everyone's jeans but eventually settled down. We're still working on her greeting towards people...she's a jumpy chewy monster! She only gets away with it 'cos she's cute. More puppy classes for Snoz!

We took her for a walk beforehand:-

Happiest dog ever? I think so...

Snoz was not allowed to chew sticks today. This is day 7 of horrible runny tummy. She's on a boiled chicken and rice diet until I take her to the vets on Thursday. I'm getting a little worried...

She is also not allowed to drink river water. She tried jumping in. I suggested she might benefit from blowing her coat instead now that the weather is so warm but she gave me this look:-

I think roughly translated it means 'Darling, I am fabulous, why would I ever need to change my coat?'

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