Obi Chan Shinobi san!

Friday, April 19, 2013


At first I felt very nervous about being left alone with Shinobi - my first dog and certainly my first puppy - I was anxious and uncertain. Now, 4 months later, I can't imagine doing anything without her. Today we spent the day exploring and we were rewarded by discovering a dog friendly beach within walking distance. It was hot today so Shinobi jumped in the sea a few times and tried to wade out to some Seagulls. She drinks the sea and then spits it out, each time she expects cool clear water and gets seaweedy salt instead! Silly puppy. I let her drink from a stream on the way home, we had none on us and she was panting, has to be better than salt water at least!

When the tide is out it's possible to walk from Penryn right round to Flushing all along the beach. At one point there are some men living (squatting?) in boats and one of them has a huge Rottweiler that will howl if anyone comes near, this scared Shinobi silly today!

This field is littered with beautiful shells that birds have dropped and sheep poo. Shinobi was in heaven rolling around and eating everything she could! It must have been like a Shiba buffet. She flatly refused to leave, everytime I pulled on her lead she rolled onto her back and dug her claws in! 

Beautiful dog friendly beach with views of Falmouth.

Dig, dig dig

Swan stalking

'This water taste funky!'

What a stick!



Oh sunshine

Nom nom nom

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