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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Snoz Chauffeur

At the grand old age of 24 I decided to learn to drive solely to get Snoz to nice dog friendly beaches. Today I failed my driving test for losing my mind during a parallel park. I had no minors, just one big ol' major. So 7 months of 2 hours lessons a week at £44 a pop, not to mention the £62 for the test and one day of holiday away from work, results in a big fat fail for turning the steering wheel right instead of left, slighlty grazing a curb. I had no minors - just to reiterate my fury; no minors. And the best part is I can't get a re test until June.

Looks like it's endless ugly, plastic covered beach walking around awful Penryn for Snoz and me this summer...

I feel terrible because I've been in a foul mood with her since I got home. I lost my temper on our walk pulling her harshly away from some flowers she was sniffing and shouting at a toy I tripped over like an insane person. I would never have thought failing the test would make me this angry and upset! I have never lost my temper with her before.

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