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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lost in Lovely Lamorna

Today we got hopelessly lost on a hike and ended up walking 'the long cliffy climby' way round twice. I say walk, Snoz ran the whole way back! She was trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to catch flies (and bees eep) in her mouth the whole way around, extending her 3 metre flexi lead as far as it could go, all I could see was a little bouncy flash of white Shiba butt and hear snap snap snappy noises ahead.

Unfortunately, she's still skipping and hopping her back right leg, the vet recently tried to luxate her patella and said it felt strong, so I guess it's slipping in and out but not too badly (yet). I hope it's just a growing pain issue...It certainly isn't slowing her down at all anyway!

A proud, if somewhat blurry, Shiba before our hike (I dropped my good camera on it's lens and broke it. I'm now reduced to using my back up camera - back up because I also dropped and broke it - but it still technically 'works')

Snoz's 'eye bags' 
Clearly the stress of life is beginning to get to her too

And finally she's sleepy!

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