Obi Chan Shinobi san!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

3 years

Married. And another beautiful day of sunshine and beaches. Shinobi ate something that made her froth at the mouth again, but it quickly cleared up after we washed her mouth out. I'd love to know what's causing that and if it should concern me...

New seatbelt harness. Shinobi was a little iffy about it

Beautiful dog friendly beach. With a lot of vicious unfriendly dogs. Seems that most dogs have no idea how to behave around other dogs (or people) and try to bite/hump her (she's not come into season yet so I guess it's an aggressive thing). And they say Shiba's have issues!

Shinobi's interaction with dogs; try to say hello, get scared, run around in circles, try to sniff, hide behind my legs. Puppy classes next Wednesday can't come soon enough!

Little model

Going for a swim in a big rockpool (aka accidentally jumped head first in)

(Not Shiba related - but  our 3 year marriage anniversary so thought I'd throw the photo in anyway)

Shinobi and her recorder

The extremely 80s head gear I had to resort to wearing - where are all my hats?



  1. Everyone is looking gorgeous :)
    (including that coat on you, glad its found a new home;))

    1. Thanks Noms. We just got home :) Glad you had a great day with Jack. It's actually hot here, I got very slightly tanned ;)