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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Porth Chapel

On Monday my Dr signed me off work because, in a Drs infinite wisdom, she decided to adjust my thyroid dosage yet again! She must have noticed the 'I'm on the verge of a mental/physical breakdown with such haywiring hormones' glint in my eye, because she told me I needed at least a week away from work for everything to 'settle' (although any hormonal change takes 6 months to even show up on tests, so not quite sure what's supposed to settle in this short time - maybe my increasingly exhausted state of mind).

So, with only a twinge of guilt, I decided to take my Drs advice and actually have a week off work to just relax at home (first since my school days I think) and what an illuminating week it has been! From sleeping in until 11am every morning (only waking up when a bored puppy starts licking my face), taking my time in the mornings to stretch and slowly drink coffee in the sunshine; actually eating breakfast, enjoying evenings and sleep without panicking about an '8 hour' rule, letting Shinobi sniff on walks and sit down to chew on sticks, having time to taste my food, not knowing exactly what time/even day it is to the second and actually remembering how to smile again, how to just breathe. I guess a week 'away from it all' lets one realise just how busy, stressful, unhealthily time obsessive and ultimately unhappy life can become when there's no time for a breather.

The best thing about this week off work has been spending every moment with Shinobi! Today we went to Porth Chapel for a windy walk on the cliffs.

Getting a lot braver around water She likes to drink streams and splash around now

I'm anticipating that Shinobi will come into heat soon and start blowing her coat now that Spring is (finally) upon us. I'm taking every moment to enjoy her final baby days and her beautiful full coat until our next adventure.

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  1. I'm so glad you got this time Ro. I felt like that about the week in Wales :)
    Maybe we can find ways to carry the happiness and stillness back into the normal mundane business of life...? xxxx