Obi Chan Shinobi san!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Puppy Class

After a long day adventuring it was off to intermediate dog training class. I don't know if it was because Shinobi was pretty tired, but she came top of the class! She did 'down' 'sit' 'stay' 'high five!' and had perfect (if slightly hesitant) recall. She was clearly overwhelmed by the other (extremely naughty) dogs but she kept her focus (on the cheese). All the other doggy parents offered to swap dogs with us and she got loud 'AWWWS' whilst performing in front of the class. I am one proud Shiba Mama!

On our way

Shinobi's huge smile when she realises where we are!

Please note: only dog in class assuming the correct 'down' position

What a pro!


  1. Yes!! Gold star for Shinobi! This is awesome :) She is, as we thought, the best puppy ever.


    1. Maddy came too, she couldn't believe how well behaved Shinobi was! It was so funny, she kept looking at the other dogs with this 'well how uncouth!' expression and being all ladylike and proper!